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The Monumental Cemetery, an open-air museum!

“There is no definitive separation while there is memory” So wrote Isabel Allende, and the cemetery is the place of memory, the concrete sign of the passage of those who no longer exist in this earthly life. The Monumental Cemetery of Bergamo is the city’s main holy field. It was designed by two great personalities of the last century, architect […]

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La giostra ai piedi della torre dei caduti
Culture Events Lower Bergamo
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Rites and traditions of Saint Lucia!

“Santa Lucia bella, dei bimbi sei la stella.” When December arrives, Bergamo is full of celebration: here Christmas arrives early! December 13th is indeed the celebration dedicated to Saint Lucia: a fixed appointment and much awaited by children. Saint Lucia is the protector of the blind, electricians and ophthalmologists, she is the saint of light, but do you know her […]

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