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7 Adventure Sports You should try in Bergamo during Summer

Outdoor life, art, culture, fun, and sports are the main essences of Bergamo and the surroundings of this city are ideal for the nature lovers. Besides, this city is also pretty close to mountains and this makes it the ideal place for trekking and skiing.  Lake Iseo and Lake Endine make Bergamo the perfect destination for different water sports like sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and windsurfing.

Here comes a list of 7 adventure sports that one must try in Bergamo in summer.


There are a number of trekking trails available in Bergamo for all the outdoor enthusiasts out there. And therefore it is really tough to choose any specific route. Sentiero delle Orobie is one of the trekking routes that you can explore. This route is mainly spread between the peaks of Bergamo, which create a beautiful universe of camps and shelters.

3 days trekking
Hiking in the Orobie Alps
Mountaineering – 2days


The valleys of Bergamo include fast-flowing torrents and these make these places ideal for canyoning. So, in case you prefer canyoning, then Grigna Torrent is the place that you must try. With the water trails of this place, which drop down into the deep gorges. Besides, there are Fiumenero, which is perfect for the beginners along with the Guerna Torrent in Adrara San Martino.

Canyoning with Rogeradventure
Canyoning lab


Do you always search for new ideas and want to test yourself in every possible situation? Then paragliding is one of the most popular adventure sports that you can try out. This will allow you to fly in a two-seater paraglide over the magical and wonderful panorama provided by the mountains all around Bergamo. So, by choosing this adventure sports, you can gently glide into the air while enjoying the magic and grace of the high altitudes. This experience will definitely leave you speechless as well as will be imprinted in your mind for a really long time.

Paragliding in the mountains
Paragliding at the lake

 Horse Riding:

Riding horses in the Scanzorosciate hills amidst the Moscato vineyards, which is the smallest DOCG located in Italy. This place is located far away from the noise and traffic and the horses are also well-trained and calm. And one can select the horse that suits his/her character in the best way. Besides, the expert trainers also teach the travelers on the ways to ride horses and therefore they can guide the travelers through the mesmerizing hills, bordering the Scanzorosciate village, situated several km away from Bergamo. After completing horse riding, travelers can choose to relax in the farm’s garden. 

Horse ride with degustation
Horse riding school


By choosing Kayaking, one can discover the Natural Park of Lake Endine that is distinguished by an interesting and rich biosphere prepared of lake birds, reeds, amphibians, and fish. Guides will help the travelers in this activity by introducing them to the rules and after that, the travelers can performing kayaking while exploring the lake. The best thing about kayaking in Lake Endine is that here the distance is short, water is calm and therefore no special expertise is needed for kayaking. Besides, with this sports activity, travelers can reach to the observation points or places that are generally unreachable on the foot. While kayaking, travelers will be able to feel a real immersion in nature with the perfect blend of colors and sounds.

Kayaking on lake Endine
Canoe and SUP rental


While traveling in Bergamo, your trip will be incomplete if you don’t try sailing on the Lake Iseo on the way to Monte Isola. This is known as one of the most romantic water bodies in entire Europe. The best thing about sailing in this lake is that here one can enjoy the experience and excitement of steering the boats while adjusting the sails.

This journey also crosses towards the magnificent Corno Del Trentapassi, mountain, which directs the lake. After one gets familiar with this activity, the sail would be filled by the sail and therefore one can point the bowline towards the lake island namely Monte Isola. 

Sailing cruise with Sportaction


Mountain Biking: 

If you are passionate about mountain biking, then Bergamo is one of the best places where you can enjoy this activity to the fullest. This is actually an exciting adventurous activity that is performed in the beautiful valleys of Bergamo. The best thing about performing mountain biking in Bergamo is that here one can explore beautiful trails for kilometers after kilometers combined with well-preserved nature along with a beautiful cultural and artistic heritage.

There are some beautiful valleys, which are encircled by the green landscape of this city starting from Val di Scalve to Valle Imagna and Val Brembana to Val Seriana. Depending on the expertise, the travelers can choose from different routes for mountain biking. The entire route of mountain biking here is around 180 km long between long muddy roads and steep hills and it is actually a dream for any passionate mountain biker.

MTB – 2 days


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