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An adrenaline filled Christmas! Enjoy the holidays aboard your snowboard!


Christmas is getting closer and closer and the Orobie are ready to celebrate.

At this time of the year, amid the snow that has now covered every side, the illuminated villages and the valleys dressed in splendid decorations, the Bergamo area is a gem ready to be admired!

Our villages come to life from the end of December until the beginning of January, thanks to tourists and mountain lovers who visit to them for a bit of relaxation and immerse themselves in the adrenaline of slope sports.

If “traditional” skis are not for you, choose a snowboard for your holidays in the mountains!


Have you ever experienced the thrill of whizzing downhill on a snowboard?

The sound of the board sliding on the snow, body swinging at every turn, wind brushing your face. Riding the slopes at full speed is definitely a unique way to experience the mountains!


Are you looking for the perfect descent for your holidays? VisitBergamo awaits you on the Orobie with its Ski Experience! Packages dedicated to everyone, beginners or experts, as well as families wanting to spend some quality time together! The best facilities in the area are ready to welcome you, with ski pass and accommodation included, for an unforgettable experience.

And once the ski boots are off, our delicious tradition cuisine is a must on the Christmas table! Some of the main excellences of our Orobic territory come from the mountains: genuine products capable of pampering the palate with authentic flavours.

If you stop in the Brembana Valley, a stop at Bigio is a must: a true institution not only for its patisserie (its homonymous biscuit is very popular even beyond the Orobic borders) but also for its cuisine. One of its main dishes is the veal fillet: cooked at a low temperature and served in a contrast of flavours, with the sweet of pumpkin and beetroot and an exquisite strachitunt cream to give it a final savoury note. An absolute delight that will serve you the territory in a single course.


And if cooking is your passion, why not take the opportunity to admire the production locations of the Orobic valleys’ excellences up close? Raviolificio Con Cuore, in the Seriana Valley, awaits you for a tour full of flavour. You will discover the history and philosophy of a key social reality; you will visit the production department and finally the perfect conclusion: tasting the handmade ravioli.

Lots of sport but also gastronomy, relaxation and well-being. There is no shortage of activities and experiences in Bergamo’s valleys: at Christmas and New Year’s Eve enjoy the Orobie with its incredible beauty!

We wish you happy holidays and a happy 2022 at high altitude

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