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An adventure that will take your breath away!

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be suspended in the air?

It’s an experience that we all dreamed of as children, often watching our favourite films. If the idea fascinates you, now’s the right time to find out more!
Bergamo’s adventure parks are reopening, it’s the perfect opportunity to try a new adrenaline-filled experience.

Launch yourself on a crossing suspended 20 metres above the ground! #HaveAGoodDay!



Are you a real daredevil and not afraid of heights? Explore the countryside from above aboard a colourful hot air balloon letting yourself be enchanted by the designs created by the verdant crops of Bergamo’s plain. Expected departure from Camisano in the very early morning and, upon return, a tasty breakfast with typical local products.


Better to get up at dawn to watch the sun rise or bask in the last rays of the sunset? If you are more for the latter, don’t miss the opportunity to take a walking tour in the Parco dei Colli, accompanied by an expert guide with audio guides. In addition to visiting all the most scenic places in the area, you can also listen to Bergamo city’s enchanting history.


Adventurous or not, when dinner time comes, everyone gets together to enjoy a good meal. What’s better than a plate of ravioli to celebrate the province of Bergamo?

At BibliOsteria Cà Berizzi you can savour one of the most characteristic dishes of the area, the spectacular ravioli filled with Strachitunt from the Taleggio Valley. Made by hand and with butter, hazelnut, drops of hot honey and knife-cut walnuts, they are a small work of culinary art.

A simpler alternative, but equally spectacular in terms of flavours, is Don Luis in Torre Boldone: a family management and a warm and welcoming environment, which looks out over the hills. Here the main dish is the “Legendary” gnocchi, prepared only with local ingredients, from butter to flour. A single taste is enough to understand the nickname! 

In the homeland of DOC wine, the Il Calepino winery offers an enological experience that has roots in ancient Greece. The winery, located close to the Oglio river, offers a tasting and lunch in the characteristic historical location where you can enjoy the high quality of their products.

There is a treasure to be discovered for everyone in Bergamo: it’s time to find yours!

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