Un angolo di Città Alta


Ecco cosa dicono dell’accoglienza turistica a Bergamo.

Riportiamo la lettera del Signor Douglas Sandberg, un fotografo americano appassionato d’arte europea che tornando a Bergamo per la seconda volta nella sua vita – la prima fu nel 1977 – ha voluto ringraziare Lucia Milesi, storica operatrice dell’Infopoint di città alta.

Qui di seguito il testo della lettera in lingua originale:




I am an American with a strong appreciation for the history of Arts in Europe and

particularly Italy. I have always felt fortunate to have parents that encouaged my

studies, and that study was further inspired by my first trip to BERGAMO in 1977.

Being a distinguished student at the California College of Arts and Crafts, in the San

Francisco Bay Area, I extended my studies on a six week visit to Bergamo focusing on

its many cultural excellences. The professor of our program had made many visits to the

city, so our class of about 15 had connections and access to artists, planners and

architects, that the average tourist does not get to meet.

For example, went to the home and studio of Sandro Angelini. And I was transfixed by

his many talents beyond his profession of architect and restoration expert. He

sketched…he did watercolors…and was an excellent printer with his own etching press

in his home.. Sandro also built extraordinary sculptures that held dramatic tableaus

about life in Bergamo. He was living the life of a Renaissance man in contemporary

times. He was exactly what I wanted to be. Fully inspired by everything around him ,

and also a practical businessman that put his talents to good use. He was going to be

my subject of the Summer, and he allowed me to document his life on 16mm motion

picture film. I had carried 75 extra pounds of photo equipment with me, and I was going

to make good use of it.

I returned home and set out to make a little film to fulfill my Summer project obligation.

This was an expensive project for a 20 year old kid in those days. And as a way to save

a little in post production costs, I narrated the film live, while I showed it to my class. The

film had no sound. Despite that handicap, I passed the class, and went on to become a

commercial photographer for 40 years.

And then in 2016, Christo and Jeanne -Claude staged, “ THE FLOATING PIERS for

LAGO ISEO “ The artists had been awarded honorary doctorate degrees by my

College, some ten years earlier, and this installation was something I had to experience.

The big plus was that I had a chance to rediscover Bergamo.

But Bergamo can be like a fine Italian Summer jacket. It’s not always easy to find the

hidden zippered pocket for your phone and passport. I wanted to meet with the

remaining Angelini family, but I had no address or phone number. I found the Tourist

INFOPOINT office and asked the two young women there if they knew of Sandro

Angelini. THEY DID NOT…and they could find nothing on the internet. Very curious as I

knew he made an important impact on the city. My disappointment led me to the back of

the building in the beautiful courtyard with centuries old washbasin. That was a place I

remembered in Bergamo. Our class would often gather there. My legs were too tired

from the Floating Piers project to investigate further, so ventured back to the hotel room.

Many American tourists would continue on over to Venice. I stayed and gave it another

try the next day.

I sat again in the beautiful courtyard behind the bell tower with the INFOPOINT at it’s

base. But this particular morning, I held my head up a little higher. And there it was….el

signe! A stone tablet sign that said LUIGI ANGELLINI PLAZA. My heart jumped up and

I ran down to tell the two young women that I found reference to the Angelini family. But

they were gone, and I worried that I might have the same problem explaining my

dilemma again. But I was in luck that day , because a Bergamo “ANGEL OF LIGHT” in

the form of, LUCIA MILESI, was there to say “ YES, of course, the Angelini Family is

here “. “ I know them , and I will call for you, to see if they are in town “ And I must say,

that Lucia gave me this great news with a positive smile…and confidence, that

completely calmed my American nerves. She made everything right for me. She would

contact the remaining sons and tell my story. I would later meet with them over lunch.

She would continue to show an interest in my returning to Bergamo two years later. And

she has helped me with my goal of a finished film about Sandro Angelini.

A beautiful city like Bergamo needs its very beautiful best , Lucia Milesi, front and

center. And I compliment whoever it was who placed her in that charming INFOPOINT

office at the bottom of the bell tower. Lucia Milesi is a Bergamo ambassador! Like Tony

Bennet and Lawrence Ferlingetti are for San Francisco. She loves people! And loves to

help them find the hidden gems of the city. Her recall of history is remarkable. Her

interests in the arts does not cover one period, but includes all important works. Both

ancient and modern. And she is one of the best researchers I have ever met. Her

curiosity and retention for facts is beyond what the internet can offer. She connects

tourist attractions with future possibilities and inspired events.

It is my sincere hope that Lucia Milesi will always be available to the traveling people of

the world in the INFO POINT office below the tower. She is the most welcoming light of

the city!

A city of beautiful light.

artfully yours
Douglas Sandberg


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