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Bergamo for family

A stop at the family spa, a trip to the amusement park, a visit to see exotic animals or even those that are extinct, a trip to an agritourism: Bergamo certainly isn’t lacking ideas for the family.

Here is a selection of experiences not to be missed for a perfect holiday with your children.

Tata-O family spa in Palazzago

A magical place surrounded by greenery where you can enjoy a truly relaxing stay even if you have young children. Impossible, you say? We beg to differ!

At Tata-O the spa is designed specifically for children: the temperatures of the sauna and Calidarium are suitable for children, the shower is made with orange rain with the aroma of fruit, the salt is pink… and the whole family can have fun together!


If you choose the Family Day Spa package, you can enjoy an entire day of wellness: spend the morning at the Spa, then lunch, the afternoon by the pool and, finally, a delicious afternoon tea.

And if you like, why not stay overnight? Tata-O is also a beautiful resort.


Leolandia is not just a simple amusement park: it is an adventure to experience, all together!



About 10 minutes drive from Bergamo, you will find many attractions, shows and games to spend the day having fun. Some examples? A real-sized Peppa Pig house, pirate ships where you can shoot with water guns, dancers, trains, Ferris wheels and rides of all kinds! And then there are shows with some of the most beloved cartoon characters, themed music, an area with animals and an educational farm.

Also inside Leolandia, there is a park within the park: Minitalia, the miniature reproduction of Italy, with the main monuments of every Italian city, that you can see while walking around it. To rest between a ride on the carousel and a show, there are several picnic areas set up, or you can choose one of the many themed restaurants scattered throughout the park. Nothing is missing for a perfect family fun day!

Le Cornelle Wildlife Park

Do you want to see animals from all over the world gathered in one place?

 In the over 100,000 square metres, at Le Cornelle Wildlife Park you can admire them as they move around their carefully reconstructed habitats. Big cats like lions and cheetahs and rare white tigers, chimpanzees and lemurs, parrots and flamingos, bears and sea lions, giant turtles and giraffes, hippopotamuses and lions… a fantastic journey around the Earth that you can do by strolling calmly around the park, taking a break in the picnic areas or at the refreshment points. Just 10 minutes drive from Bergamo, the opportunity to turn into explorers and engage the whole family in an unforgettable excursion!

Dinosaurs in the Upper Town at the Museum 

The dinosaurs have arrived! Straight from prehistoric times, these huge animals reappeared and turned the city into Jurassic Park! Some find them in the most unthinkable places in Bergamo, while the other 50 are in the E. Caffi natural science museum, in the Upper Town, ready to be admired in all their splendour.

Dinosaurs are the protagonists of the exhibition that celebrates the centenary of the Museum, along with many other initiatives designed to involve even the littlest ones. Hurry up, there is only time until September 30, 2018!

Agritourism Ferdy

In the Brembana Valley, Agritourism Ferdy offers us a place where we can spend unforgettable moments with the whole family! Reachable in less than an hour from Milan or Bergamo, it offers an insight into rural life, accompanied by the sweet sound of the Brembo River that runs alongside the structure.

We recommend the Spa treatments in the Borgo del Benessere: a private area where you can relax in total privacy. The principle of harmony with nature is essential: massages with essential oils, baths in whey and mountain hay. And while the parents relax, the children have fun!


With “the life with the farmer”: they will participate in the farm’s daily activities, like taking care of the animals, feeding the puppies and trying to milk the cows!

And then there are donkey rides: 20 donkeys, used to being with children. Docile and gentle, they are the ideal companions for mountain excursions along pre-established routes and always with a guide.

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