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Experience a freeride adventure in Bergamo’s Prealps


Have you already admired the incredible Orobie in recent weeks? See for yourself: nature has allowed itself to be enveloped by a blanket of snow that covers every peak, every step and every path. Dressed in a sparkling winter dress, shining in the sunlight, the mountain becomes more beautiful than ever.


Whether you are regular or novice skiers, or simply lovers of relaxation and tranquillity, Bergamo’s valleys are the ideal destination for your holidays. This is thanks to the ski resorts that dot the area and which come to life in December, but also thanks to the atmosphere of the holidays which are now getting closer and closer.

For you, we have thought of some fantastic Ski Experiences, including Skipass and accommodation, so that you can spend an enjoyable holiday in the company of family and friends.


But what if the slopes weren’t enough and you were looking for something “more”?

Listen up winter sports professionals, we have something in mind for you!

Combine excitement and fun and embark on a freeride experience! The adrenaline rush that comes as you descend the steeper sides of the Orobie mountains is something that you’ll barely be able to experience anywhere else. Already ascending to the highest peaks, your eyes will shine in front of the valley’s pristine beauty. And then… off for the adventure! Down the white slopes at full speed, an extreme adrenaline rush!


Dopo una lunga sessione sportiva, un pranzo goloso è più che meritato. La Val Brembana, Seriana e la

After a long session of sport, a delicious lunch is more than deserved. The Brembana, Seriana and Scalve Valleys are lands of enveloping scents and delicious flavours that you must absolutely try during your excursions. An example? Beef stew, coming from the Seriani pastures: a delicacy for those who love meat! The Posta Al Castello restaurant in Gromo, part of the East Lombardy circuit, cooks it with the Valcalepio Rosso wine and serves it with polenta and porcini mushrooms from the Orobie. A dish that encompasses all Bergamo’s culinary traditions, that will make you feel right “at home”.

The great excellences do not end here! The Brembana Valley, for example, is the true queen of cheeses, with many products found on the tables of families from Bergamo and beyond. Take the opportunity to try these excellences first-hand: the Azienda Agricola Monaci Sebastiano e F.lli is pleased to welcome you to its dairy, to discover the production processes of their products. Here, you will have the opportunity to taste Branzi DOP and many other delicacies.


What are you waiting for? Come and live your adventure on the Orobie! A series of experiences and emotions able to satisfy anyone’s senses, from those who have always lived in the mountains, to those who exploring its territories for the first time. We are waiting for you at high altitude, “on top of the world”!

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